Houmata's CEO




Our journey as Houmata, with TWA has been one of a kind given the various factors that are not purely linked to the product itself. The experience we had with Assaad was very unique as his involvement has always been to find ways to develop the our company in a way that would benefit us, which has made us partners. While for the customer service experience, the communication skills of Denise are outstanding, highly professional, patient, and always ready to support within her capacity of course. While for the developers, with no doubt the limitless effort that is being put in, is a direct reflection of the product in hand. The human approach we evidenced with all TWA team is something that is not easily found in other institutions, which allows clients to build long-term trust. The product in hand is a major value proposition for Houmata, for which we are proud to offer to our investors and clients. The journey, despite coming a long way, is just starting with TWA and there will be much more to come