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We are a team of creative designers and developers building high quality websites, mobile apps & e-commerce

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1 . Web Development

What’s the difference between a nice looking website and a great user experience? More often than not it’s in the subtle ways that a visitor moves about and interacts with a website. Our Front End developers live and breathe the code and development strategies that help make websites engaging and a joy to use. We design a website from the ground up to consider how a site may progressively enhance depending on the size of screen it is being viewed on. This responsive design means that the website can adapt to a variety of screen sizes and shapes without losing its appeal, functionality or important information.

2 . UI / UX Design

We create new and develop old designs that fascinate the target audience and maintain their interest by enabling the website content to flow in a way that is compatible with the user's specific requirements in order to enhance the company's digital appeal. We provide a number of web design and web development solutions for companies looking to boost their online presence or even enter into the digital realm for the first time.

3 . Branding & Corporate Identity

The web development and design teams at The Web Addicts work hand in hand with all prospective clients to assess the impact of their brands and find creative digital solutions to boost their presence in the target market. Our diverse and experienced in-house team then works on the evolution of old or the creation of new compelling logos, brand guidelines, branded templates or print collateral to enhance the appeal of the brand on the digital landscape and beyond.

4 . Marketing & Seo

Having the optimal website is ineffective if it isn't getting noticed. Our experienced team dedicates themselves to devising strategies to help companies with search engine optimization to make them stand out on the digital landscape. From professional audits to identify and rectify problems with your site to designing and developing content marketing or PPC advertising campaigns to boost the appeal of your website and brand, we've got you covered.
Who we are
We are a digital agency specialized in web design & development building high quality websites & mobile applications to meet the clients’ expectations. We offer responsive designs, e-commerce services & loyalty program package.
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