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Powerful interactions for an attractive digital presence

The Web Addicts have teamed up once again with "Artists & More" to build a truly unique online ticketing platform. The website is characterized by a bold attractive dark mode design using rich magenta tones and a unique gradient to create contrast with the black background throughout the website, in addition to some interactive hover effects.

The platform enables visitors to easily view and look up events around them and even book their seats all in one place through an easy and concise process.

Creating the easiest user experience

The user-friendly booking system that simplifies the process for visitors is a standout feature of the "Artists & More" ticketing platform.

The platform enables the client to upload the corresponding stage plan for each event and divide it into zones, each of which can manage prices accordingly.

Users have the option of selecting and reserving seats online, each with the necessary personal information.

Managing the events through "Artists & More" mobile application

Artists & More is a leading entertainment and shows production company that provides spectacular acts to clients all over the world, including Weddings, Corporate Events, Malls, Nightclubs, Resorts, Family Events, Festivals, Concerts, and more.

The Web Addicts created a door control app that allows staff to easily scan QR codes on client tickets, manage wallet recharges and refunds, and purchase items such as food and drinks.

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