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"Mauidy" for clients

The Web Addicts created two mobile interfaces for clients and businesses in Saudi Arabia. Both interfaces have a similar aesthetic and design and are tailored to the Saudi Arabian market. 

The first interface, called Mauidy, is designed to provide clients with a wide range of services from different stores. It allows users to easily book appointments at their convenience, using a calendar feature that is specifically designed to match the brand's personality.

"Mauidy Stores" for businesses

The second interface designed and developed by The Web Addicts is called Mauidy Stores. It was built to have a modern design that matches the aesthetic of the Mauidy app and aligns with the brand's personality. The user experience is designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing businesses to easily manage their store's demands and organize their appointments through the use of an intelligent calendar, client management tools, and more.

This interface also enables businesses to track their store's performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as total sales and total appointments. This feature allows business owners to have a clear understanding of how well their store is performing, and take action to improve it if necessary

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