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Multilayer. Multisensory. Luxury Redefined.

A modern premium chocolate world experience inspired by passion and fueled by innovation. Newness combined with heritage, savior-fair, quality, and chefmanship. A display of sensory pleasure and emotions. Relationships, stories, conversations, and memories lived together...sharing the wonder of the moment and generosity.

The Web Addicts created an informative website for Patchi as well as an e-commerce portal with a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow them to regularly update content for their audience and target market.

Easy-to-use platform with a clear and concise user experience

Simple yet elegant, the Patchi website is characterized by a set of remarkable features such as:

• Multi-store / Multi-language / Multi-currency website, with each store having its own product collections and respective currency and language.
• A typo-tolerant live search that allows users to get results while typing and covers 32 languages.
• Create your own box tool, which allows the user to design his own unique box filled with his favorite Patchi chocolates.

A unique experience with our Content Management System

The Content Management System - CMS has many notable features that make it unique such as:

• Centralized order fulfillment: Through this section, the Patchi team is able to view the orders organized, manage the fulfillment status of each order and change the payment status of each order.
• Product & Inventory Management: The Web Addicts' CMS offers the client a simplified way to add products to the website with all data related to media files and galleries, variations (for example size and color), categorization, and collections creation.
• Customers Management: Patchi team will also be able to view all their customers and manage their subscriptions.

Administrators, Analytics and Sales Boosters

In parallel, the Content Management System - CMS allows the client to create multiple back-end administrators and grants them permission to manage all stores or specific stores.

In addition, it offers a sales boosters feature like coupon codes that can be created with time, validity, and usage mode for each, and deals which is a tool that allows the Patchi team to propose bundles to purchase (for example: but X and get Y for free).

Lastly, the CMS gives the client's team access to important Analytics through reports such as Sales over time, Sales by product, Sales by category, Returning customers, and Voucher usage with the ability to add any custom report that your business might require.

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