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Champions of sustainable energy solutions

Unigaz is a regional supplier of LGP Gas as well as one-of-a-kind integrated gas solutions for all businesses and needs. It was the first company to introduce the LPG industry and all gas services in Lebanon, and it has since grown to become the market leader in the GCC, Middle East, and Africa.

A bilingual and informative website

Unigaz wanted a website that reflected the brand's professionalism, history, and success. As a result, The Web Addicts designed and developed an informative corporate website in both English and Arabic, showcasing various stores in ten countries. The website is responsive and was built to work perfectly across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. All the data and content of the platform can be managed easily by the "Unigaz" team through Content Management System - CMS.

Mobile Application, Highlighted features

The Web Addicts also designed and developed an application for Unigaz. The app is currently available in the UAE and facilitates customers’ needs in an easy and rewarding process through top-notch features such as online payment, transaction history, pending balance monitoring, and many more.

On another note, it has also a unique and remarkable feature as the users can scan and submit their gas meters directly in order to pay it online and on the spot.

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